Go Melvo Snoballs has been serving the Baltimore/Annapolis area and Sussex County, DE beaches since 1994.

Beginning with a single postal vehicle retrofitted to serve snoballs, Go Melvo started its journey in South Bethany Beach during the summer providing delicious, cold treats to locals and vacationers alike.  Being instantly embraced by the community within the first few years, Go Melvo then expanded its fleet to 9 trucks in order to meet customer demands.  By 2000 Go Melvo was a staple in the South Bethany community, as well as neighboring beach towns, while continuing its expansion throughout Anne Arundel County.  

As a few of the postal vehicles became unfit to drive, Go Melvo began converting old trucks to new trailers.  This transition allowed us to travel further distances for larger events, notably youth lacrosse tournaments, expanding our business to neighboring states: VA, PA and NJ.  By the mid-2000s Go Melvo was operating simultaneously in 4 different states on big event weekends in June and July.  We found that many customers began making Go Mevo Snoballs an important part of their family vacation & tournament weekend experience. 

In 2013 we built our first Beach Trailer that would service the Fenwick Island State Line Beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Due to the incredible response from our following at State Line during our inaugural season, we added a 2nd trailer in 2014 and have been operating both stands since. 

With 4 trucks from the original fleet remaining, you can find two of them covering routes daily in the Bethany Beach area from mid-June to Labor Day.  Beginning Memorial Day, the other two trucks operate daily around Anne Arundel County, hitting community pools, county parks and private parties.


Melvin (Melvo) McMahon was inspired by the local snoball truck owner in the early 90s “Texas Jim.” Jim routinely made rounds in Melvo’s Glen Burnie neighborhood when the Springtime hit, playing music to alert neighborhood kids that it was snoball time! Noticing a fun-loving business that brought only joy to so many people, Melvo attended a government sanctioned auction where he purchased a postal vehicle and converted it into the first Go Melvo Snoball truck. You can still find Melvo setting up the State Line Beach trailers in the morning, unloading Koldkiss Flavors into the Severna Park warehouse, or even sitting on a cooler at Lake Waterford Park making snoballs for customers. Melvo remains heavily involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, and multiple Go Melvo Gear t-shirts have been made in his honor!


Melvin’s son, Jeff McMahon, was 12 years old when Go Melvo was founded and he began driving a truck at age 16.  In the late 90s and early 2000s, Go Melvo saw its most significant development under the leadership and hard work of Jeff and his close buddies from high school and college.  In 2008, Jeff was named President and Owner of Go Melvo Snoballs and has spearheaded the company’s continuous growth over the past 15 years. In the winter months, Jeff spends his time coaching high school basketball which has also allowed him access to a pipeline of high character, hard-working employees he met through the Anne Arundel County School system.




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